Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Not many years ago, the plus size bride found her choices of wedding gowns severely limited. If she happened to choose a bridesmaid who wore a dress size larger than 16, that bridesmaid might determine the dress style worn by the wedding party simply because there were only a few dresses made that size. Luckily, for today’s bride, you no longer have to worry about having a limited selection of dresses available. While you may not find a fall wedding dress in every size, nearly all designers are offering beautiful styles in sizes up to size 26 for both brides and their entire wedding party. 

One of the nicest things about the new range of plus size wedding styles is that the designers acknowledge the differences in body shape among plus size women. Plus size wedding dresses are no longer one-style-fits-all. The modern plus size wedding dress is not a voluminous affair meant to disguise size by covering up as much as possible. Instead, today’s shapely bride has just as much choice as her slimmer sisters. She can choose from sleek styles that bare sexy shoulders and back, elegant ball gown styles and wedding gowns in nearly as many flattering styles as brides who wear smaller sizes. 

Choosing Dresses to Flatter and Fit the Plus Size Bride

When it comes to choosing a beautiful wedding dress, larger size women are no different from every other woman because there are styles available that flatter any size figure. The first step to choosing a wedding dress that flatters your shape is to determine what that shape is. 

Hourglass figures have a defined waist, with bust and hips that are similar in size. The hourglass figure is the classic womanly shape and if you are lucky enough to have those drop-dead curves, you should choose a wedding dress that plays them up and emphasizes them. Avoid styles that cut you in half, but it does not mean you should stay away from sashes. In fact, wrapping an A-line or princess style white wedding gown with a bright ribbon sash is a great way to show off your waist and those slinky curves. Do not forget to emphasize your most attractive features. Off the shoulder, portrait and strapless necklines make the most of your assets.

For a fall wedding, choose a satin ribbon sash that plays off autumn flower colors. Deep purple, dusty violet and burnt orange are all hot fashion colors for the fall. 

If your hips are wider than your waist, then you have a pear-shaped figure. You should look fabulous in a wedding dress that draws the eye upward. Ball gown styles may have been designed just for you and your perfect wedding gown is the classic Cinderella gown with strapless bodice and bell-shaped skirt. A sweetheart neckline and embellished bodice shows off your curves, while an A-line or bell skirt helps balance your top and bottom. 

For the fall season, choose a V-neck halter A-line gown with pretty embellishments like beading around the neck and bodice. Princess seaming and a full skirt emphasize your curves without overdoing it. For even more eye appeal, choose a gown with a sweetheart neckline accented with color.

An inverted triangle shape is just the opposite of the pear shape. If your shoulders and bust are wider than your hips, that is your style. With this style, you can carry off some of the most dramatic fall wedding dress styles. This is because you can get by with gowns that call attention that other girls could not wear without looking bottom-heavy. 

One stunning choice for your fall wedding is a satin halter ball gown with a pickup skirt. You can wear it as is, or you can add a sash in your favorite color that can add a splash of brightness to your big day.

If your body shape is blocky with hips, waist and shoulders all close in size; you may want to choose a dress that creates the illusion of curves. Empire waists and princess seams tease the eye with shapely lines or minimize your waist and emphasize hips and bust. For a truly memorable look, check out an Oleg Cassini satin dress with illusion tank straps and a V-notch neckline. The A-line skirt implies a waist and curves, and the wide waist features embroidered and beaded details.

For any body shape, there are many excellent choices to consider when choosing a wedding dress. Short, chic dresses show off shapely legs and strapless tops that show off your shoulders. Corset styled bodices make the most of all of your curves and A-line dresses skim them without clinging. Do not forget that accessories and color can add even more style to your wedding ensemble and it keep all eyes on you throughout your special day. When shopping for a new dress consider which style fits your figure best.

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Plus Size Wedding Dresses
Plus Size Wedding Dresses
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