Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are a beautiful and traditional wedding custom. Originating many centuries ago, the first bells were used during weddings to chase the evil spirits away and to ensure good luck to the newly married couple. Now, the use and symbolism of bells as good luck is as traditional as cutting the first piece of cake as a couple. If you want to incorporate bells into your wedding there are a variety of ways to do so without breaking your wallet.

Wedding bells can add charming d├ęcor to your reception tables while giving your guests a beautiful memento of your day. Bells are also a whimsical way to signal the bride and groom to kiss during the reception. In silver or gold, crystal or pewter, wedding bells are the perfect finishing touch for your magical day.

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate wedding bells into your wedding:

Rather than rice, birdseed, eco-friendly rice puffs, wedding wands or bubbles your guests can send you their good wishes as they ring to you as you exit your ceremony. You may want to set up a small table or baskets by the entrance of the ceremony with a "Please Take One" sign to encourage your guests to use them upon their exit.

The wedding bells handed out during the ceremony can also be used at the reception to greet the you as a couple as you enter for the first time as husband and wife. Rather than run under a canopy of arms, you can enter under the twinkle of beautiful bells.

Bells can also be used as place card holders. Instead of setting up a traditional escort card table, attach your seating assignments to each handle of the bell. You could print off your guest list on cardstock, cut them into strips and wrap them around the handle of each bell. A second idea would be to purchase smaller place cards (2" x 2") punch a hole through the top and tie satin ribbon through the cards, onto the handle of the bells. This will serve as your place card holders, wedding bells and wedding favors all in one!

If you would rather give a more traditional wedding favor, but would still like to use bells, you can place a few bells at each reception table, keeping your costs low. An alternative is to purchase mini ring for a kiss bells and place one at each setting. Mini bells usually cost pennies per piece.

 Rather than tossing rose petals, your flower girl and/or ring bearer can ring in their joy as they walk down the aisle.

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Wedding Bells
Wedding Bells
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